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About How can i make a living in St. Petersburg Russia

How can i make a living in St. Petersburg Russia?
I really have no degrees and slight education, but am willing to work. And live in below average conditions. My question is, what will i be able to do? Can i find a job that can at least get me enough to live on? And can i maybe get a job that i can build up on?? Also, maybe not St.Petersburg Russia. I am willing to live in another part of Russia.
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Answer 1 :
Chances are, no. First it would be nearly impossible to emigrate there as an out of work laborer. There is no shortage of them in Russia and they all speak the language which you don't. While Russia is a great country with great people, it is not the place to try your luck without a profession that is in demand. Seriously, try Germany.
Answer 2 :
The only thing I can tell you is as soon as russians will understand that you speak english, but truly speak english rather than pretend you actually are, all doors suddenly will open to you. Serious! Russians really treat english-speakers SO good....that was the most marvelous thing when I visited russia last time.. there are many foreign companies in russia, thus there will be no problems with job placement
Answer 3 :
Below average housing conditions are still very expensive. Really, your only chance is teaching English, but you will need to obtain a CELTA or TEFL certificate before applying for jobs. Vacancies on expat.ru.
Answer 4 :
Getting a work visa is seemingly impossible unless you pursue a career in the medical industry or a job as an English teacher

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