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About How far are Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton from St. Petersburg, Florida

How far are Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton from St. Petersburg, Florida?
Hi, I'm going to move soon in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I'd like to know how long does it take to drive from St. Petersburg to Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton. I'd like to know this to make sure the commute between these cities wouldn't take too long. Is there a lot of traffic between these cities? Do you think it's easy to live in St. Petersburg and work in Tampa? or is it too far? Thank you in advance :-)
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Answer 1 :
Go use Yahoo maps.
Answer 2 :
i believe that st. petersburg and clearwater are 5 mi.from one another but clearwater is an island as well. it may take more time to cross to the island.
Answer 3 :
Many people commute from St. Pete to Tampa. Travel times will depend on what time of day it is. 30 minutes to an hour. It's a reasonable commute. Clearwater and Bradenton are about the same travel times.
Answer 4 :
You can go on the web site "mapquest" and it will tell you how far ea is.
Answer 5 :
Tampa is 30 minutes from St. Petes. Not it is not too far to drive, people make that drive every day. With work traffic it may take 45 minutes. Just go 275S, It'll take you straight there.
Answer 6 :
St Pete and Clearwater are in Pinellas County which is a peninsula just west of Tampa, which is in Hillsbourough County (with Tampa Bay in between the 2 counties) St Pete to Tampa is about 35 mins- to over an hour depending on what part of Tampa you're going to and the time of day. Clearwater to Tampa is about the same. St Pete is directly south of Clearwater . They are pretty close in some parts (5-10 mins) but since both are good sized cities, from south St Pete to N Clearwater would take about 40-50 minutes. Bradenton is in Manatee County, and is about 40 minutes south of Clearwater and 20-25 south of St Pete with the Gulf of Mexico in between. The only practical way to go between is the Skyway Bridge, a toll road- used to be $1 each way, and that is one of the few ways to get there. Traffic is very heavy in those areas and gets worse at rush hour. Once you live there a while, you'll get to know the flow of the traffic and leaving 10 minutes later or earlier can make a HUGE difference in the amount of traffic and length of your commute. If you had a really good job, it might be worth it; otherwise, it is too far imho. If you want to work in Tampa, it would probably be better to live in Hillsborough County, Brandon seems to be nicer and lots going on and good shopping. I think the pay scale and opportunities in Tampa would for the most part be better. The saying about St Pete is "newly weds and nearly deads" because it has LOTS of retiree's and is cheaper, so newlyweds can afford it. Downtown St Pete is run down and scary; St Pete Beach is beautiful- guess it depends on where you live :-) Hope this helps, I lived there for 20 years, left in 2002. Good luck to you.
Answer 7 :
Wow, such strange answers. St Pete touches Clearwater. Bradenton is across the Skyway bridge from St Pete and Tampa is across the Gandy bridge from St Pete. Tampa is also across the Howard Frankland and Courtney Campbell Causeway from Clearwater. Lots of people live on one side of a bridge and work on the other, but the real question is how far from the bridge you're going to live or work. If you live far from the bridge and work far from the bridge, you'll be stuck in a couple hours traffic if you work 8 to 5, but probably less than an hour if you work odd hours. Welcome to Florida.
Answer 8 :
The most central location to live between Tampa and St. Petersburg is an area called Feather Sound. Check out this link for some detailed information on the area: http://www.city-data.com/city/Feather-Sound-Florida.html

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