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About What are good areas to live in near/ in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida

What are good areas to live in near/ in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida?
I'll be working in downtown St. Petersburg but I'm not sure if that is where I should look for an apartment. Basically I'm looking to rent something reasonly priced in a safe, nice area and ideally I wouldn't want to have a really long commute. I 'm going to visit soon but I wanted to get some more ideas of different places to check out first because I keep hearing bad things about the apartment complexes in those two cities (drugs, bad management, etc).. So any information about neighborhoods and nearby cities would be really helpful, thanks. Also, Tampa might be an area that I would consider if I didn't have to commute too far, is it a good place to live?
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Answer 1 :
Try Ibor City. You'll like it!!
Answer 2 :
St.Petersburf. No doubt. Clearwater gets flooded all the time especially during hurricanes. I reccomend not to live in Florida. There are too many hurricanes and not enough places to go to.
Answer 3 :
Do not go looking in South St Pete, you will never be seen again. There are lots of spots,clearwater is much safer in my opinion,plus its closer to Tampa nightlife. On any of the beaches is good, but not to reasonably priced this time of year. Try rent.com they have ratings and reviews from people,thats how I found my apt. in tampa.
Answer 4 :
I lived in St. Pete/Clearwater for 15 years. The best place to live is on 4th St. North...there are a lot of reasonably-priced, nice apartments there, and the commute is fast on Hwy 275. You are close to the Howard Franklin Bridge, which means you can get to Tampa quickly, too. Try eating at the Coney Island restaurant in downtown St. Pete on 9th St. They have the best chili dogs in the world there! I loved living there, and I hope you do too!
Answer 5 :
I live in Safety Harbor, and it really is a lovely town. You're really close to St. Pete and Clearwater, there's tons of nice apartments, lots of school incase you decide to stay. It's got a nice small-town feel to it without being in the middle of nowhere. Downtown Safety Harbor is beautiful, lots of tiny shops, and a lovely pier. I moved here when I was 10 and I love it!
Answer 6 :
I live there. Stay north of central ave in St Pete, there are nicer areas about 20 miles north IMO (or on the Gulf side of Pinellas) as far as price if you pay at least $700- 900 a month for an apt it should be a pretty good complex
Answer 7 :
I don't think there are any good areas to live in Florida. Crime here is crazy. I'm on my way out of here!
Answer 8 :
In the business area, pricey, the Public transportation, good. There is an area called, Gulfport, nice, off !9. When you visit, take a real good look. I made a big mistake when I came here. Wound up in Pasco, NOT!!!! Now loving on Indian Rocks Beach. About 1/2 hour from St. Pete. Good Luck

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