Wednesday, September 1, 2010

About How to find a job in st petersburg

How to find a job in st petersburg?
hello everyone. i had started working in st. petersburg a while ago. i am from turkey and had to move to st petersburg for this new job. you know it is hard to find a job during this global crisis and i did not want to miss this chance. but there is always a catch. i had left my beloved one in turkey:( we were planning to get married in quite soon but everything changed now. all i want is to find a job in here suitable for my girlfriend. she is mechanical engineer and currently studying her doctorate degree on composite materials in turkey. she would like a job related to quality assurance or maybe composite materials. i would like to search opportunities for her in st petersburg or in close vicinity but i do not know where and how to start. can someone help me?
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Try a site HeadHunter http://hh.ru

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