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About Which city is a better place to work for an embassy:moscow or St.petersburg

Which city is a better place to work for an embassy:moscow or St.petersburg?
I plan to work in a filipino embassy in Moscow or St.petersburg since that is the only cities where there are filipino embassies. Also, I would like to take a doctorate degree in either of the 2 best universities in Russia after finishing my bachelors here in US, St.petersburg State University or Moscow State University
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Answer 1 :
I do not know, that to you to answer... Some like St.-Petersburg, another like Moscow. In Moscow a rhythm of a life much faster, than in Petersburg. So, if you do not like to go very quickly it is better to you to choose Petersburg.
Answer 2 :
In my opinion, St. Petersburg is better place to live then Moscow. St. Petersburg is very beautiful and more safe.
Answer 3 :
I've graduated from Moscow State University that is why I have my crush on it. :) Everything depends on what gonna be your major - some subjects better taught in Moscow, some in Petersburg. Frankly speaking I think Petersburg might be a better choice for you. I am sure the Consulate you are going to work at in Petersburg is a small place - couple of diplomats and technical staff - that is why it should be a very homey place. Embassy would be more busy in Moscow. Petersburg is more "culturally-orientated" city when Moscow looks like a huge market place for me now. It is a matter of personal taste though.
Answer 4 :
St. Petersburg is a small town compared to Moscow. A very nice looking town, but sooooo cold. Low temperatures plus high humidity... I would never ever move to Peter.
Answer 5 :
St. Petersburg is better, of course. It's gorgeous and beautiful. I've chosen it when left Irkutsk, Moscow was also an option. It's better to travel to Moscow from time to time. Moscow is pressing people mentally. And physically.
Answer 6 :
Dear friend! Surely you choose, but let me tell you a few things. Moscow is a big city, a capital. There are so many different nationalities, that you do not even understand who is a foreigner. Yes, Moscow is a fast city,a business city. Also it's situated in hills, that's why there is a lot of sun and summers are wonderful. There is a normal humidity, good to breath. Flats are much more comfortable, but yes, prices are higher. Universities are much better, knowledge is deeper and everyone in the world knows Moscow's university. St.Petersburg was a big swamp before and even if new days it's a beautiful city, the beauty is only visual. The climate is HORRIBLE. Winds and coldness are always there, since the sea is around. Humidity is high, many rains and no sun for months..... Depression is everywhere because of such a weather. And yes, many racists are there. Also transport system is very bad, except of metro. Flats are often not at all good. And people.... People are unfriendly, what to say. Guys, without hurts, it's the truth. Also rarely people can speak any good English. Good luck! I hope, you choose the best place! Thank you

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