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About Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Poll......Is It a city of "The Rich vs The Poor

Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Poll......Is It a city of "The Rich vs The Poor"?
I'm polling those in Tampa/ St. Pete to see if working there is worth It........ What are the typical jobs? If one puts in the effort can he/she keep up with the cost of living there? Or is Tampa a city of "The Rich vs The Poor" like in Miami. I'm a recent college grad thinking of relocating there. Many thanks for any insight you can provide!
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Answer 1 :
The cost of housing in Tampa has risen dramatically for the past few years, but it is still a reasonably affordable place. There are many rentals available in an affordable price range for a young professional. if you wish to purchase a home, there are still many condos and condo-conversions available in a low price range. I grew up in Tampa and lived there for two years after my undergraduate degree. I purchased a one bedroom condo that was very affordable and was not a burden on my budget at all. Further, Tampa has become very popular with young professionals and has an active social scene. The beaches are unbeatable. It is a really nice place to live.
Answer 2 :
Tampa & St. Pete have many service oriented business because of the tourist industry. We moved from Chicago to Tampa in January. I took my job with me & my husband found employment immediately at a bank in downtown Tampa. Cost of living? Well we pay more for a smaller place here,no tax on groceries, but prices are higher, wages far lower for same positions & the water actually STINKS! On the plus side, it's like your on vacation every weekend. Great weather,beautiful beaches....I can handle it!
Answer 3 :
It depends on the area you choose.I live in Lakeland.Tampa is just to crowded for my taste

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