Tuesday, August 2, 2011

About Please help me pick mechanic in Tampa

Please help me pick mechanic in Tampa?
I need a cheap, trustworthy mechanic in Tampa FL who won't rip me off. My van broke down on the side of the 275 during my commute home. My daughter couldn't find my checkbook so I could not get a tow. I'm home now...still can't find my checkbook. The cab ride home was $50! I don't make a lot of money. Not only have I (maybe) lost my vehicle, but I'm probably going to lose my job if I can't report back in by Monday. I can't figure out how to commute there, I'm in St. Petersburg FL and the job is in Temple Terrace FL. If the mechanic also has a car dealership and is trustworthy i'd be willing to work something out for another vehicle. I've got roughly $200.00 and nothing else and I make $500.00 a week. I'm an expert in Microsoft Office so alternatively looking for immediate work in St. Petersburg, where I can just ride the bus! ;p I'm just completely strewn out because I have no clue how I am going to take care of myself and family. Advice/help appreciated. I have basically no support system/family friends/peers. It's me, my full ttime college wife and four children on $500 a week. I've got a $400.00 check that I guess they'll have to mail to me. Thanks, Brandon C
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Check the Mechanics Files at the Car Talk website: http://www.cartalk.com/content/mechx/find.html just enter your location
Answer 2 :
I have been going to Jimmy at TAMBay Tire for 16 years now. My father always goes to him also and would never let me go anywhere else. I think he is great. Jimmy does a great job and will not rip you off. (813) 886-0119 7659 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615

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