Friday, September 2, 2011

About Any jobs for 15 yr olds in st petersburg

Any jobs for 15 yr olds in st petersburg?
i know about publix, walmart, and mcdonalds, but anyone know any smaller businesses that are hiring? prolly wont work but worth a try
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Answer 1 :
first of all you have to go on the Internet and look for at: www.jobapplacations.com and it will ask it for your your city and state.
Answer 2 :
Are there laws that prevent 15 year olds from working during school semesters there? Maybe a holiday job.
Answer 3 :
They have McDonalds there, but there is serious unemployment issues there. Beggars, even. Maybe you can sell contraband on the street?
Answer 4 :
After reading some of your answers, and questions, I know too much about you to ever hire you for anything! Another young life gone to waste. Such a pity

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