Sunday, October 2, 2011

About does a metal detector on the beach work

does a metal detector on the beach work?
Well I can't find a job i've been applying both online and in person for over 2 months and i need to help my dad pay for the apartment, I have about 200.00 extra to spend that i have saved from my last job. I have been told to invest in a good metal detector and hit up the beaches does it work? I live in the Florida in the St. Petersburg area. Please help.
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i'm not sure but i know that u need some kind of permit in order to use it on a public beach. my dad was gonna get one but he got a watch instead...u don't need a permit to use a watch...
Answer 2 :
Yes, but they take practice and I never got the hang of it. Look in the classified ads for a used one and have them show you how to use it. Also, you could go fishing and at least get a meal out of the deal. If you do go for a metal detector, try it right after a storm in the early morning at the beach because stuff gets washed ashore then, and try around lakes with designated swimming areas because people lose rings there, and around and under benches in sandy areas or with lots of wood chips (like at playgrounds) because people lose change there. Also, a metal detector doesn't work on this, but shark teeth are worth something - look on eBay and you'll see what I mean. Florida is a great place to find stuff. Check out treasure hunting websites online and you'll probably find a club near you. Hope you have more luck than I did! Maybe I wasn't patient enough